Relief for Toenail Fungus in St. Clair Shores, Warren & Macomb

Experience rapid relief from toenail fungus with advanced laser treatment at Benenati Foot and Ankle Care Centers in St. Clair Shores, Warren, and Macomb, MI. Discover how our expert podiatrists, Dr. Benenati, Dr. Shaw, and Dr. Kaye, offer safe, effective solutions for clear, healthy nails. Schedule your consultation today!

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May is Arthritis Awareness Month

Discover effective arthritis management and prevention tips from Dr. Anthony Benenati and his team at Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers. Learn the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in balanced exercise, and managing stress to improve foot health and mobility. Expert advice for a proactive approach to joint care.

Overcoming Chronic Heel Pain

Learn essential safety tips for lawn mowing from Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers to prevent injuries. Discover the importance of proper footwear, avoiding wet grass, and the dangers of improper mower use. Keep your lawn care routine safe with our expert advice and protect your feet and toes.

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The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

Discover the critical link between diabetes and foot health in St. Clair Shores, Warren, & Macomb, MI. Explore expert insights from Dr. Benenati, Dr. Shaw, and Dr. Kaye at Benenati Foot and Ankle Care Centers. Learn proactive strategies to protect your feet and schedule your diabetic foot care appointment today.

When You Should Consider Foot and Ankle Surgery

Our experienced doctors try to avoid surgery whenever possible, providing patients with effective nonsurgical solutions; however, sometimes foot and ankle surgery is necessary. Here are some signs that you may need foot or ankle surgery.

Treating Chronic Heel Pain

A common cause of chronic heel pain is plantar fasciitis. There are many treatment options that may be recommended by your podiatrist regarding chronic heel pain as a result of plantar fasciitis in St. Clair Shores, Warren, & Macomb, MI.

Female Foot Woes Linked to Footwear

Shoe choice can negatively impact your feet. Shoes that are too small, high heels, flats, and styles with narrow toe boxes can lead to a host of problems like bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, ingrown toenails, neuromas and more.

Facts About Peripheral Neuropathy

Are you experiencing burning, tingling, or numbness in your feet? Do you sometimes have sharp shooting pains or feel off-balance? At Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers, we recognize these as potential symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

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Do’s and Dont’s for Dealing with Ingrown Toenails

It may be hard to believe that something as small as a toenail could cause such excruciating pain. However, at Benenati Foot & Ankle Care Centers, we know that an ingrown toenail ranks near the top of the most painful podiatric conditions our Macomb County patients bring us for treatment.

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