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Tazz’s Ankle Fusion Success Story

Peter’s Achilles Surgery Success Story

In a day and age that values profits over people, it’s rare and refreshing to find a business professional that takes a step back and goes against the grain. Dr. Anthony Benenati does just that. He values the individual and their needs about his own. Combine that with his unfettered skill and the results not only speak for themselves, they will make you want to get up and dance. His knowledge and expertise make for less pain, faster healing, and almost no loss of strength or movement. I had me initial consult on a Friday and was well on my path to recovery by Monday. He and his staff and focused and friendly, so much so in fact, that a trip to their office reminds me more of visiting with my favorite family members than going to the doctor. His staff are quick to warmly smile and greet you. They remember you and are genuinely concerned about your well-being. I happily recommend them to everyone. Your feet will be in good hands.

H. Francek

This a great place to go when you have foot problems. The doctors, nurses and staff are very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them to you.

John B.

As a first time client, I didn’t know what to expect. The staff was wonderful, the service was great and I was able to return to my work day quickly. Dr. Benenati was very knowledgeable and personable. Overall I had a great experience and would highly recommend.

 Blake M.

Very nice place they take care of you good is very concerned with you to make sure you’re taken care of properly I recommend this place the doctor and staff are very, very nice. 

-Vince B.

I love this place Dr. Shaw is the best and the staff is amazing! 

-Tracey W.

I love Dr. Thompson! He changed my life! I recommend him to everyone, for he is brilliant. 

-Lillian C.

Best podiatrist. Dr Anthony Benenati saved my foot. 

-Sharon G.

This is great place to go to for foot pain. It’s been a year since surgery no pain. Yeah!
Just to let you know laser treatment for toe fungus is wonderful. After using creams, pills and washes for years…Laser treatment worked. No pain, just healing. 

-Calleen A.

If you need a foot doctor, I suggest you go and see Dr.Benenati in St Clair Shores. He is an awesome doc that gives you the best care that he can. His staff in the office is very nice and polite and helps you with what they need to help you with. I went to see him on Tuesday for my ankle and I had surgery on Friday. He did an awesome job. You cannot even tell that I broke it. So, if you know anyone that needs a foot doctor or surgeon, suggest Dr.Benenati. 

-Lisa Luker

Dr. Benenati suggested I try rocker bottom shoes, if I didn’t want surgery yet. I suffer from arthritis following ankle fractures. I found the shoes at The Walking Co., and the severe pain has reduced a lot. Many years ago, when I suffered from heel spurs, he suggested over the counter insoles and I was cured. He cares about his patients. 

-Barb S.

Treated twice recently for ankle pain/arthritis. Dr Shaw is great. Attention and care personal and quick. 

-Jan W.

Dr Benenati and his staff are great, the atmosphere in the office made me feel so comfortable, as I was waiting the door is open, which I prefer, as the girls would walk by they would all give a smile and say Hi, I could hear Dr Benenati taking time on the phone with a patient who just had surgery, which I was impressed/surprised, the wait wasn’t long and he saved my toe! Thank you, Dr Benenati/staff for a great experience! 

-Kathy S.

Dr.B has been my doctor for over 20yrs.but mostly he has been my friend. About 9 yrs. ago Dr. B performed the first ankle replacement operation on my left ankle. It was featured on channel 7 healthy living with Carolyn Clifford. the show featured us in the office doing Dr. B finally exam showing how the surgery was performed and then it was off to the lanes to try out my new ankle, well it’s going on 9 years know and we are still going STRONG, I bowl three times a week and don’t forget this is my sliding leg when I bowl, and also don’t forget about the golf 2-3 times a week, and I also work 3 days a week at the pro shop. But I think the main thing in all of this is Dr. Benenati is my friend first and my Dr. second, and in 20 some years he has NOT DONE ME WRONG. THANKS DOC. 

-Doug S.

Dr. B saved my dad’s life. He is the best. I highly recommend Dr. B! 

-Thomas R.

Absolutely LOVE Dr. Benenati! He cares for me pain-free. Sooo thorough. Funny and kind! He got skills. 

-Kenya R.

I’m very active and when I went to Dr. Benenati with foot pain, he touched it for less than a second and knew just what it was. He explained it very well and made me feel at ease about everything I was to expect along with surgery. He takes each case personal with care down to the very last stitch as not to leave a scare. I was so pleased with him, his skills, his office staff they are all great and the after care and follow up visits. So, if you’re looking for a foot Dr. He’s the one. Thank You. 

-Tracey P.

It’s Not OK to Live with Foot Pain

While it’s true that most Americans suffer from chronic foot pain, it doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Often times, foot and ankle pain can be alleviated by changing footwear or increasing movement and circulation. If your pain is caused by a new or old injury, or illness, we have proven methods to diagnose and pinpoint the root cause of the pain and treatments that can greatly reduce or eliminate your discomfort. Our number one goal is to get you up and moving, and doing the things you love to do. If foot or ankle pain is slowing you down, contact us today and get the relief you need to get back to life!

Insurance Accepted

  • AARP
  • ABS Bankers Life
  • Aetna
  • Aetna USHealthcare
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • American Community
  • All Workman’s Compensation Insurance Companies
  • Blue Care Network
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan
  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  • Blue Preferred Plus
  • Care Choices
  • CAPP Care
  • Central Reserve Life
  • Cigna Health Care
  • CNA Insurance Company
  • Community Blue
  • Comprehensive Medical Plan
  • Concordia Health Plan
  • Coresource
  • Continental Life
  • Detroit Carpenters
  • DMC Care
  • Eaton
  • Equicor
  • Ethix
  • Family Health Plan
  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • First Health
  • Frankenmuth Insurance Company
  • General American
  • Great Lakes Health Plan
  • Great West Health Plan
  • Guardian
  • Hartford Insurance Company
  • Health Alliance Plan (HAP)
  • Health Choice
  • Health Plan of Michigan
  • Health Plus of Michigan
  • John Alden Life Insurance Company
  • John Deere Health Care
  • John Hancock
  • M-Care
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • MESSA Blue Cross
  • Mail Handler’s Benefit
  • Met Life
  • Michigan Conference of Teamsters
  • NALC
  • PHCS
  • Physician’s Health Plan
  • Postal Carrier’s Insurance
  • PPOM
  • Preferred Choices
  • Principal Mutual Life
  • Prudential
  • Providence Life and Accident
  • SMART Plans
  • Star Care Plus
  • State Farm Insurance Company
  • Teamster’s Health Insurance Plan
  • TPA
  • Traveler’s Insurance Company
  • Time Insurance Company
  • Ultimed
  • Ulticare
  • Wausau Preferred Health Plans
  • Worker’s Compensation

We also work with many other insurances. Please call if yours is not listed here.

Benenati Foot Care Centres MI

Benenati Foot and Ankle Care Centers are conveniently located in Macomb county with podiatry offices in St. Clair Shores, Warren, and Macomb, MI.

Each location offers general foot and ankle care for people of all ages, as well as specialized treatments and surgery for sports injuries, diabetic foot care, and ankle replacements.

Starting with his first location in 1993, Dr. Benenati has been dedicated to preserving limbs and providing Michigan residents effective ankle and foot pain relief from all kinds of short term and chronic conditions. Each location is staffed with highly trained, experienced podiatrists who genuinely care about each patient they treat. By focusing on your quality of life and your overall health and well-being, they are able to diagnose and treat the cause, rather than the symptom, of your foot and ankle pain.

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